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Equal Angles, Unequal Angles, Corner Protection

Equal Angles, Unequal Angles, Corner Protection, Non Standard Angles

These sections have a wide range of uses, as corner guards, wall protection, stair nosing, edging and jointing.
TP Extrusions carry stock in rigid pvc, and hold tooling for many other sizes that can be run in rigid pvc (upvc), as well as ABS, Styrene and CAB - use the links below for details.

Tooling for plastic angles is generally simple and easy to produce, making it straightforward to produce new sections with a quick lead time. Please let us know your Extrusion Requirements if you cannot find what you want, or for more details of listed products.

Equal Angles

Equal Angles

A comprehensive range of plastic equal angles, many in stock (in rigid pvc) in a number of colours and sizes. Many other tools available for custom runs. Suitable for use as corner protectors or guards, edging, beading, trimming and jointing - they are easy to cut, drill and fix. Click through for more Plastic Equal Angle details.


Unequal Angles

Unequal Angles

Extensive tooling for unequal plastic angles, with legs of different lengths, produced in custom runs in a variety of different materials. Used as corner protection, wall guards, bead, trim, joint and edge. Click through for more Plastic Unequal Angle details.


Non Standard Angles

A selection of tools for non standard plastic angles. These include features such as notching for non slip stair nosing, hooked ends and angles of less than 90 degrees. Dimensions are listed, with illustrative drawings - click through for Specialist Plastic Angle details.


Fabricated Angles

We can supply fabricated angles made to your specifications. Unusual sizes and varying angles possible - click through for Fabricated Angle details.


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