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Board and Panel - Corner Sections

TP Extrusions stock and manufacture a wide variety of Corner profile for use on boards, panels, glass, plywood and other common materials. Although the majority of these Corner Joints are 90 degree, we can also make to different angles should this be required. Please contact us to discuss Corner Profile requirements if you cannot find what you want.

The Corner Strips on this page complement the other Board and Panel profiles for all exhibition building, shopfitting and general furniture and building purposes. Pages detailing our H Sections, T Sections, Capping and Clip-on Edging can be found via our Board and Panel Landing Page.

Stock Corner Joints

Internal Angle and External Angle

L Section and Corner Section

90 degree Corner Profile is stocked in popular sizes and styles, and a range of colours. These include the rounded Corner Section, which has sufficient flex in it to open or close the angle from 90 degrees. Production runs are possible from stock tooling.

    Dimensions in mm  
Ref Dwg A B C D Materials/Comments
TP08 0065 Ext. Angle 3.9 11.5 1.7 - STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0064 Int. Angle 3.9 18 1.7 - STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0134 Ext. Angle 12 21 1.2 - STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0092 L Section 16 14.5 19.4 1.5 STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0096 Corner 16.2 14.5 11 1.5 STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0099 Corner 19 17.3 19 1.5 STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice
TP08 0102 L Section 19 17.5 21.9 1.5 STOCK rigid pvc, colour choice

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Custom Corner Profiles

In addition to stock Corner Joint and L Section, we have tooling available for made to order 90 degree Corner, as well as 120 degree and 135 degree Corners. These are listed below along with F Section and Z Section, and other profiles suitable for Corner joints. If the type of Corner strip you require is not listed, please contact us to discuss your Corner Profile tooling requirements.

Ref Description Comments (** drawing below)
TP05 1631 2mm External Angle 1.5mm wall
TP08 2134 2.2mm 135 degree Inernal Angle  
TP05 1273 3mm 120 degree Corner Retaining nibs on inside of channels**
TP05 1506 3.35mm F Section Bump on inside of channel**
TP02 B041 3.5mm 120 degree Corner **
TP05 1885 4mm F Section 1.2mm wall**
TP05 1886 4mm F Section 1.2mm wall**
TP08 W266 4.4mm Internal Angle  
TP02 B040 6mm 90 degree Corner Joint slightly offset**
TP05 1961 9.8mm F section 1.5mm wall**
TP05 1679 17.5mm 135 degree Corner **
TP05 1565 18mm Internal Angle Retaining nibs on inside of channels**
TP05 1806 19.3mm 120 degree External Angle **
TP05 1805 19.5mm External Angle **
TP08 W041 20mm 135 degree Internal Angle **
TP02 B042 Open Corner Joint **
TP05 1434 Open Corner Joint **
TP05 1555 Open Corner Joint **
TP05 1669 Open Corner Joint **
TP07 1373 35mm Heavyweight 90 degree Corner **
TP05 2112 67mm corner joint profile **
TP07 1315 3mm F section for hygienic cladding **
TP07 1307 Coving profile for hygienic cladding **
TP07 1333 Inside corner profile for hygienic cladding **

Click on a thumbnail image for a larger version:

  • 120 degree 3mm corner joint
    TP05 1273
  • 3.35mm F section
    TP05 1506
  • 120 degree 3.5mm corner joint
    TP02 B041
  • 4mm F section with spur
    TP05 1885
  • 4mm F section
    TP05 1886
  • offset 6mm corner joint
    TP02 B040
  • 9.8mm F section
    TP05 1961
  • 135 degree 17.5mm corner section
    TP05 1679
  • 18mm internal angle corner section
    TP05 1565
  • 120 degree external angle
    TP05 1806
  • 19.5mm external angle section
    TP05 1805
  • 135 degree 20mm corner joint
    TP08 W041
  • open corner joint
    TP02 B042
  • Z section corner joint
    TP05 1434
  • large Z section
    TP05 1555
  • shallow Z section
    TP05 1669
  • shallow Z section
    TP07 1315
  • shallow Z section
    TP07 1307
  • shallow Z section
    TP07 1333

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