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Plastic Channel

Channels come in many different shapes and sizes, and have multiple uses, as Capping, Sliding Track, Edging trim and more. The pages detailed below break the Channels into common groups so as to make browsing more straightforward. However, if you cannot find what you are after, or need more details on any of our tooling, please contact us to discuss Channel requirements.

Capping Channels (J and C Sections)

J Section and C Section Capping Channels for use with furniture and for edging boards and panels. Legs typically are angled to give grip and can usually be adjusted in production. Click through for both stock and made to order Capping.

Clip On Edging Channels

Clip On Channel is used for edging and trimming of boards and panels. Mostly shallow channels with tapering legs, for grip, with either a square or round back. Click through for both stock and made to order Clip On Channels.

Double Sliding Track

Used generally as door or window track for furniture, cabinets and vivaria. Double sliding tracks, or double sliding channels have either a “T” centre leg for door spacing or a straight centre leg for glass doors, where there are no fittings to obstruct. Click through for both stock and made to order Double Sliding Tracks.

Single Sliding Track

Commonly used in the furniture industry, Single Sliding Tracks or Single Sliding Channels are often matched up as a deep top section and a shallow bottom section. Click through for Single Sliding Track stock and made to order details.

List of Standard Channel Tooling

As some Channel profiles can be used in several different ways, and often the width is the only critical dimension, this page contains a table of all standard Channels listed by width. Click through for standard Channel Tooling details .

List of Non-Standard Channel Tooling

Not all Channel tooling available from TP Extrusions is of standard design. On this page there is a list of profiles, by Channel width, that feature a Channel as the main part of the design, but have other features, such as nibs, lips, flanges and spurs. These are described and some also illustrated. Click through for non-standard Channel details.

Fabricated Channels

Made to measure fabricated channels can be made to suit your application. Click through for Fabricated Channel details.

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