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Office Furniture and Home Cabinet Making Profiles

TP Extrusions has a wide range of standard profiles commonly used in furniture manufacturing.

Many of these are stock items, however if you cannot find what you are looking for we offer a Custom Profile Option and would welcome your enquiry.

Double & Single Channels

TP Extrusions is able to offer a large range of channels suitable to be used in a wide range of applications, such as for sliding doors and cabinets. Please look at our range of channels to see standard availability.

Desk Compartment Cable Trunking

TP Extrusions offer a selection of desk cable management products, often termed trunking. These aid in the organization and cosmetic aspects of desk cable management, through the use of two or three compartment desk trunking. All products are run in a number of colours and lengths, please telephone for further details.

Office Partition and Screen Link

Tough ABS channels combined with flexible PVC connectors form durable partition links for use with office screens. The simple design aids in structuring an office environment through use of office partition linking. We also offer a range of board and panel profiles also suitable for this. All products are run in a number of colours and lengths, please telephone for further details.

  • Screen Link Retainer
    TP02 0135
  • Screen Link Connector
    TP02 0136
  • Screen Locking System
    Screen Linking System

Desk Drawer and Cabinet Pulls and Profiles

Used in desk drawers and filing cabinets, these profiles offer easy-to-use drawer profiles suitable for use in furniture manufacture and furniture repair. Plastic drawer pulls (or plastic finger pulls) are widely used throughout the office furnishing market

We also offer drawer support profiles & miscellaneous office-furniture profiles.

Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Profiles

Used for sealing kitchen units on sloped flooring, plinth seals or plinth edging provides an easy solution to soak damage due to spillage. An alternative to traditional scribing and sanding is the wardrobe or panel scribe profile which removes unsightly gaps from uneven walls. We also offer clip on channels & capping channels

Misc Profiles

We also offer a number of profiles generally used in furniture manufacturing such as our plastic angles and flat bar profiles which can be run to any length and colour desired.

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  • Draw Pull Profile
    TP08 W021
  • Draw Pull Profile
    TP05 1069
  • C Capping Profile
    TP08 0073
  • Plinth Seal
    TP05 2051
  • Draw Pull Profile
    TP05 1063
  • F Section
    TP08 W327
  • Draw Pull Section
    TP07 0372
  • Filing Frame Profile
    TP08 2110

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