Curved EPOS Label Holders / Ticket Strips

clear epos ticket strip with curved face suitable for barcode scanning of internal label

Many Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) Label Holders have curved faces to improve the viewing perspective of the enclosed ticket or price label, whilst also allowing barcodes to be read and scanned.

This page details epos ticket strips with curved faces, for different ticket widths and a variety of fixing legs and clips. These are to allow easy attachment to shelf edges and basket rims, or self adhesive/ magnetic strips that can be attached for adhesion to many surfaces. If adhesive strip is used, it can be with clear Polyester tape for cosmetic purposes.

The most common plastic material for epos strips is clear rigid PVC, which gives good clarity, is cost-effective and is suitable for significant re-use (it is usually used in supermarkets, for example). For greater clarity, where cosmetic appearance is more important, PETG is recommended, although this is generally more expensive to extrude than PVC. Please refer to ourĀ Materials Processed page for more details or contact us with Ticket Strip enquiries.

ForĀ flat epos label holders please click through, or return to our Label Holders landing page for details of open and 2 part ticket strips.

Please note that none of the sections listed below are held in stock - they are made to order, and subject to minimum order quantity. If you do not see the exact size or style you require we can design and manufacture tooling for you. Features of each profile have been summarised as far as is possible - samples are often available and drawings can be viewed (also below) for your assistance.

Ref Label (mm) Wall (mm) Description (** drawing below table)
TP05 1862 20 1 Curved with C clip and leg **
TP05 1845 22 1 Gentle curve with leg **
TP05 1954 26 0.7 Gentle curve with clip leg **
TP05 1848 28 1.2 Gentle curve, no legs or clips
TP05 1838 29 1.2 Curved with 3 short legs **
TP05 1901 29 0.8 Curved with C clip
TP05 1971 30 1 Curved with C clip **
TP05 2017 30 1 Curved double clip with hinge and legs **
TP05 1600 32 0.5 Gentle curve, no legs or clips
TP05 1863 34 1 Gentle curve with leg and C clip
TP05 1858 37 1 Gentle curve with leg and C clip **
TP05 1864 40 1 Curved with leg and C clip
TP05 1974 40 1 Curved with leg and C clip **
TP05 1976 42 1 Curved with long leg and C clip **
TP05 1815 55 1 Gentle curve and 3 clip legs **
TP05 1571 74 1 Epos with 8mm cavity and clip leg **
TP05 1859 75 1 Curved with short leg and C clip **

Click on a thumbnail image for a larger version:

  • curved 20mm epos data strip with C clip
    TP05 1862
  • curved epos 22mm ticket strip with leg
    TP05 1845
  • 26mm point of sale ticket strip with gentle curve
    TP05 1954
  • convex 29mm point of sale data strip
    TP05 1838
  • 30mm curved epos label holder with C clip
    TP05 1971
  • 30mm point of sale domed label holder with hinge and clip
    TP05 2017
  • 37mm epos ticket strip with C clip
    TP05 1858
  • 75mm point of sale curved label holder with C clip
    TP05 1859
  • 40mm epos data strip with C clip for basket mounting
    TP05 1974
  • 42mm point of sale convex label holder with C clip
    TP05 1976
  • 55mm point of sale plastic ticket strip extrusion with clip legs
    TP05 1815
  • 74mm wide internal epos ticket strip with spring clip
    TP05 1571
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