Plastic Rigid Edging and Lipped Edging

Rounded Flat Strips and Lipped Flat Edgings

Although most profiles on this page are made in rigid pvc (upvc), all tooling is suitable for flexible pvc. Please contact us for more Flexible PVC Extrusion details.

Flat Strips with rounded top corners

This is a popular profile for edging, as the rigid pvc extrusions in this profile will flex sufficiently to follow a gentle curve or radius. The square bottom corners are suitable for adhesive and the top rounded corners prevent harsh contact. TP Extrusions carry stock of these rigid edgings in popular sizes, listed below.

For edging more circular boards and panels, we stock flexible strips. For details please click through to Stock Plastic Profiles Flexible Edgings page.

Flat Strips with all rounded corners

These sections are generally used as slide-in cover strips and fabric bolstering. The round corners prevent damage to delicate materials and the thinness of the profiles allows significant flex and bend, but adding stiffening when inserted in cloth.

Lipped Rigid Edging

Used as protection for furniture, kitchens and in other DIY applications.

Hockey Stick Edging

This profile, similar to the rigid edgings above, is also used in edge protection.

Domed Flat Strip

This profile is used for edge protection, with the dome making it also a bumper strip.

Triangular Flat Strip