Plastic Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes

TP Extrusions has many tools available for extruded tubular plastic box section. The tubing can be square or rectangular, some box sections having right angled corners and some radiused (rounded) corners. Please select the style and size of plastic tubing you need from the tables below, along with the corresponding wall thickness - if you cannot see the exact dimensions listed, we will be able to make tooling for you, so contact us for Plastic Tube tooling details.

We do not stock any square or rectangular tubing (box section) - it is all extruded to order and subject to minimum order quantities. This enables us to cut to lengths, either short or long to suit your purposes, of up to 4m. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Tubing can be extruded in many different thermoplastic materials. The more common of these are listed in the table below -- please visit our Materials Processed page for more details of each of these.

If you require plastic tube that is not square or rectangular, TP Extrusions extrudes various other profiles, such as round, hexagonal, ribbed, oval and more.

Square and Rectangular Tubes with Radiused Corners

This table contains tooling details for box section with radiused (rounded) corners. Generally, these profiles can be run with different wall thicknesses to suit your requirements, as well as a choice of plastic material and colour.

Square and Rectangular Tubing with Straight Edge Corners

This table contains details of tooling for box section with right angled corners. These profiles have tooling that is made for specific wall thickness dimensions, although material and colour can be chosen to suit your specific requirements.