Fabricated Plastic Profiles
Machined Plastic Strips

We can supply custom made fabricated plastic angles, plastic channels & plastic strips – to your exact specification.

Plastic sheets – available in a wide variety of materials, thickness and colours – are cut and then bent into shape.

The shape must be simple – the most popular are plastic angle sections.

Large sizes can be accommodated – up to approximately 300mm on each dimension.

Plastic Sheet materials include pvc, acrylic and PE.

This type of work varies from simple cut plastic strips, through to fabricated plastic angles or plastic channels and onto complex assemblies involving several different parts that fit together to form a complete unit. For example we recently supplied a complex custom made drainage channel system used on a large railway viaduct.

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To enable us to quote, we would need to know the following ;-

  1. dimensions of the box needed or sketch / drawing
  2. quantity requirements
  3. colour / finish
  4. material type and thickness
  5. hinged and lockable lid required