Plastic Tubes

Round Plastic Tubes, Split Tubes, Oval Tubes

Round Plastic Tubes, Square/Rectangular Tubes, Split Tubes, Ribbed Tubes, Oval Tubes, Hexagonal Tubes, Flexible Plastic Tubes… any Plastic Tubes to your design

TP Extrusions have an extensive library of tooling for plastic tubing, in all shapes and variations, from an outside diameter (OD) of 2mm up to 135mm with almost any inside diameter (ID) possible. Tooling for plastic tubing, particularly round plastic tube, is relatively straightforward and cost effective to make, so even if you cannot find the exact size you need from the pages below, we may still be able to tool up for you free of charge, depending on order size. Please ask about our custom plastic extrusion capabilities.

Tubing is made and used in many different thermoplastic materials. These include rigid PVC (UPVC), flexible PVC (with different hardness levels), ABS, Polythene, HDPE, Styrene, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and more — please visit our Materials Processed page for more details of each of these.

Please note that our plastic tubing range is mainly made to order and subject to a minimum order quantity. This enables us to cut short or long lengths (up to 5m) during extrusion, depending on your requirements. Please contact us for more details of our plastic products or processes.

Round Plastic Tubes 2 - 25mm OD from TP Extrusions

Round Plastic Tubes 2 – 25mm OD

Extensive tooling details for smaller round plastic tubing, showing the range of outside diameters and wall thicknesses that we can already make to order in many materials. Click for more details of our Small Round Plastic Tubes.

Round Plastic Tubes 25 - 135mm OD from TP Extrusions

Round Plastic Tubes 25 – 135mm OD

A comprehensive range of larger round plastic tubing tools, suitable for making to order in different thermoplastics, wall thicknesses and colours. Click for more details of our Large Round Plastic Tubes.

Square and Rectangular Plastic Tubes from TP Extrusions

Square and Rectangular Plastic Tubes

Details of the available tooling for square and rectangular plastic tube. These tubular plastic profiles can be designed for extrusion with either square (straight) corners or radiused (rounded) corners, which are identified here along with the wall thicknesses possible and plastics suitable. Click for more details of our Square and Rectangular Plastic Tubes.

Special Extruded Plastic Tubes from TP Extrusions

Special Extruded Plastic Tubes

Specialist plastic tubing, such as split tubes (for sheathing), ribbed or fluted tubes (towel rails or conveyor belt runners), conduit, hurdle rail tops, shotgun tubing, hexagonal and triangular tubing. Apart from being useful in themselves, the plastic extrusion tooling listed illustrates the variety of plastic tube profiles that can be extruded. Click for more details of Specialist Plastic Tubes.