Extruded UPVC Multi Cavity Planking

Extruded UPVC Multi Cavity PlankingStrong and durable but lightweight these extruded plastic planks are used in a variety of applications, including ;-

• Fencing
• Trailer Boards
• Building Applications
• Cricket Sight Screens

Suitable for outdoor use, our extruded UPVC Planking will not need painting

Plastic Square tubes with end caps to be used as Fence Posts are also available.

Custom plastic extrusion option also available.

TP07 0118 : 55 X 20MM
TP07 0118

TP07 0647 : 100 X 20MM
TP07 0647

TP07 0648 : 137 X 20MM
TP07 0648

TP07 0649 : 120 X 30MM
TP07 0649

TP07 1422 : 150 X 25MM

TP07 0650 : 200 X 46MM
TP07 0650

End caps are available too.

End Caps for Extruded UPVC Multi Cavity Planking

We also supply a range of square profiles that are available with matching colour caps that can be used as fence posts.

Fence Post Caps End Caps for Extruded UPVC Multi Cavity Planking